NSLS and Beamline X29 ceased operations on September 30, 2014. Stay tuned for FMX/AMX@NSLS-II.

General Information

  • Schedule
  • Beamline Operating Procedures
  • Research Program: macromolecular crystallography
  • Ring: X-Ray
  • Status: Operational
  • Time Dedicated to General User Program: 25%
  • Participating Institutions: Case Western Reserve University, Brookhaven Photon Sciences (PXRR)



Energy Range
Crystal Type Bandwidth @ E=10 keV
Flux @ E=11.47 keV, I=300mA
(photons / sec)
Size of Focus
6 - 15 keV Si (111) 3 5 x 1011
through a 100 micron x 160 micron aperture
0.2mm H x 0.1mm V

Optical and Beamline Configuration

  • Mini-gap Undulator : 12.5 magnetic period and 54 poles; tuning ranges for the 1st harmonic of 3.5 - 5.5 keV, for the 2nd harmonics on axis of 5-10 keV and for the 3rd harmonic of 11-15 keV.
  • Be Window #1 : 0.5mm thickness and 10.9 m from the source.
  • Monochromator : Double crystals monochromator with the 1st crystal cryogenically cooled to 100K and the 2nd crystal sagittally bent providing horizontal focusing; 11.9m (1st crystal) from the source.
  • Mirror : Striped configuration with 1/3 ULE substrate (uncoated), 1/3 palladium and 1/3 platinum coated; 12.75 m from the source.
  • Be Exit Window : 0.2mm thickness and 14.0 m from the source

Experimental Station Apparatus

  • ADSC (Area Detector System Corporation) Q315 detector.
  • Crystal Logic large detector goniostat with mini-kappa drive.
  • Motorized defining aperture.
  • Oxford Cryostream 700 Series Cryocooler.
  • Robotic crystal changer.

Beamline and Experimental Station Control Systems

  • Beamline Control System : X-ray optics adjusted by 12 V servo motors utilizing a CAMAC-based E500 stepper controller and windows XP operating system with Labview software.
  • Experimental Station Control System : CBASS linked to NSLS undulator gap system through EPICS, beamline optics control system (Labview ) and the Protein Crystallography Database (PXdb).

Data Processing and Backup

  • Data Processing Computers : a number of Pentium Pro computers running with Linux operating system.
  • Data Processing Software : HKL2000 and Mosflm; other crystallographic software such as SHELX suite, CCP4; PHENIX and COOT also available.
  • Data Backup : Rimage 2000i DVD robot; external hard disk connecting to Linux computers.